Custom Tooling

Special form tools are nothing new for General Cutting Tools. Whether it is made from high speed steel or carbide tipped, we can accommodate shaper form knives, shaper cutters, William & Hussey knives, Molder heads, corrugated back knives and many others. Our 7-axis CNC tool cutter grinders and master tool makers have the knowledge and equipment to make you that special tool. Send a drawing, bring a tool or sample piece of the wood and we can make a tool to perfectly match. This is perfect for those who are doing a restoration project and the cabinets or molding is no longer available.

If you have a job where a standard bit is not available, we make custom tooling also. Simply provide a sample and we can make the exact cutter to make that shape.

We have a large assortment of collets, holders and accessories for all your woodworking equipment.