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Made Specifically to Your Wood Sample

Trims, Baseboards, Cabinets Doors, Crown Molding, Handrails, or What Ever the Custom Router Bit Shape is that you Need.

We Can Quote It from a Sample, Drawing or Photo.

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We specialize in manufacturing custom router bits for any use.

We can create carbide or diamond tipped custom router bits.

Are you restoring a historic home or perhaps matching moldings in a remodeling project? If you’re creating furniture that needs to match an antique cabinet. Has your architect or designer has created something unique that needs to match flawlessly. We can design one-off custom router bits to fit architectural drawings, wood samples, and even your sketches.

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How much do custom router bits cost?

Custom router bits prices start at $149

Contact us for a price quote for your custom router bit today.

Include the following for a custom quote:

  1. What the custom router bit should look like. (Drawing, Photo, Sketch)
  2. The amount of bits you need.
  3. How quickly you need the custom router bits.


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