OSG Tool Regrind & Sharpening

We sharpen and regrind High Speed Steel (HSS) and Solid Carbide OSG Tools or end mills for your job.


We Sharpen OSG Tool square end mills that have sharp corners, and are utilized when square right angles are needed.



We sharpen OSG Tool roughing end mills that feature nicks or serrations along the cutting edge which act as mechanical chip breakers.

ball nose

Ball Nose

We sharpen OSG Tool ball nose end mills, that feature a full radius and are ideally suited for milling 3-D contoured parts.

corner radius

Corner Radius

We sharpen OSG Tool corner radius end mills that feature a radius at the corner edge of the mill.



We sharpen tapered end mills that feature various taper angles, measured in degrees.


Double End

We sharpen OSG Tool double ended mills that feature end mill geometry on both ends of the tool.