Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We offer a diverse range of cutting tools, including drills, mills, taps, dies, and saw blades, each designed for specific applications. Our tools cater to various materials like metal, wood, and composite materials. For detailed information on each tool and its specific use, please refer to our comprehensive product catalog.

Answer: Choosing the right cutting tool depends on several factors such as the material you’re working with, the precision required, and the type of machinery you’re using. Our website provides detailed specifications and guides for each tool. For more personalized advice, please contact our technical support team with details of your project, and we’ll assist you in making the ideal selection.

Answer: We understand the importance of maintaining the effectiveness of your cutting tools. We offer a sharpening service for dull tools, as well as a replacement policy for tools that are beyond repair. Specific terms and conditions can be found under our Services section. For more information or to arrange for a service, please contact our customer support team.